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Great Low Carb Hamburger Buns 12oz bag of 6

4.38 (16 reviews)



2 net carb and 120 calories per Bun. This toasts well or eat it right out of the bag.

Storage instructions: Freeze on receipt and you can either put Buns in zip lock baggies to thaw in the fridge or toast from the freezer or microwave for 10 seconds at a time covered with a damp paper towel(these dry out fast if you over cook them or toast them). If you’ll finish the loaf etc in a week or two they may be okay but we cannot guarantee that and recommend storing frozen. They’ll last 6+ months frozen.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 7 in

16 reviews for Great Low Carb Hamburger Buns 12oz bag of 6

  1. ksivells (verified owner)

    These buns did not disappoint!! I planned burger night all week waiting for these to arrive and it was well worth the wait! No egginess, toasts great, not too dense, and a nice chewiness that I was pleased with. A great, sturdy burger vehicle and a true help to those of us sticking to keto. Thank you!

  2. Enicholls923 (verified owner)

    I really can get behind the texture and sturdiness of this burger bun. That said, there is a different taste to these. It doesn’t taste bad persay, there’s just an added flavor I’m not used to with my burgers. I appreciate them regardless. Sometimes it’s nice to feel like I can still participate in mealtime with my family without needing to whip up cloud bread or fat dough. I get sick of the almond flour and egg textures/flavors easily. I’m also in love that these are high in fiber. Something that can be difficult to get enough of in the keto diet. I would purchase these again, and I would recommend to a friend with the caveat about the odd extra flavor.

  3. Caitlin Williams (verified owner)

    These buns are simply wonderful. The TEXTURE holds up, even with my HUGE 8oz mushroom, bacon, swiss burger. It doesn’t crumble and the taste is fine for me as I’m on a ketogenic diet (15 months now) and can’t remember the taste of normal bread. It gives me that bread nostalgia and was a good size to hold all the contents of my burger. Needless to say I will continue to purchase everything from The Great Low Carb Bread Company, as I have ordered other things as well and have had surprisingly good experiences with every product from them that I’ve tried. I’ve tried many, MANY other low carb bread substitutes and this one really knocks it out of the park. Can’t praise it enough.

  4. kcrist (verified owner)

    I ordered these but have to say , I wasn’t to fond of them, mine seemed hard and I like my buns soft!!! However, my son tried them where he’s on low carb diet and said they tasted fine toasted to him so Idk bad taste buds for me maybe or I just like my stuff thin lol so from now on will just order the thin bread for my cheeseburgers as well!!

  5. Nella (verified owner)

    These were great! Texture is different but not so much so to not make you feel like you’re not enjoying an amazing burger or sandwich (soooo good with roast beef *drool*) I find microwaving for about 15 seconds in a damp paper towel helps with texture too. Delicious. Ordering more now!

  6. Cheryl Ruffini Hanasab (verified owner)

    Makes a Keto diet so easy and enjoyable!

  7. ShivaD (verified owner)

    I really like these. They don’t taste exactly like regular buns but (IMO) there are no perfect substitues. I prefer the texture better when not toasted. I take it out of the freezer, wrap it in a napkin (or parchment paper) to defrost, then slice and use. Sometimes I warm it slightly in the toaster oven. Holds up really well and was bland enough. Might try pan toasting the inner part in some butter with the next batch. Great product – will order again!

  8. Bonnie

    After trying several low carb companies, and being disappointed, I was skeptical of these buns. They are amazingly close to the real thing!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. Dana (verified owner)

    Finally bread that doesn’t taste like eggs. These burger buns definitely exceeded my expectations and were delicious.

  10. Rebecca (verified owner)

    These buns are great add on to your burgers for keto! The texture holds up even on the thickest burgers. We put ours in the freezer when we get them and take them out when needed so they are a fresh and soft as when we bought them.

  11. pamela cronn

    There is not any difference between this and a regular bun as far as calories. How can you make this claim?


    These are lab verified nutritional facts and these are low carb, we never claimed low calorie.

  12. Lynda L

    Husband rated these as less than awful. They would have to improve to be considered terrible.

  13. Velda (verified owner)

    Typically you’re well aware of eating low carb breads of any kind. I tried several other brands that were two think, super chewy in a really bad way, hard and dry. With this bun, I literally forgot that it was low carb. That’s a really good thing. It works beautifully with burgers, pulled pork, and I even made a muffuletta sandwich that held up and tasted amazing. The key is to keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. I wrap mine in foil and heat it in the oven on 325 or 350 degrees. In 15 minutes, it is warm, soft, and ready to go. (Yes, you have to cut them but that’s a very small price to pay. ENJOY!!!

  14. jillliane (verified owner)

    After reading directions on the tendency for these breads to be dry if not properly handled, I received the order. I immediately put everything in zip lock bags, 2 buns a bag. That way I don’t have to keep opening the same bag and letting the air in. I take out what I am using and put it in another zip lock bag. Within a few minutes it’s defrosted, soft and ready. If I am in a hurry I defrost in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds, in the bag!! These were fine but missing flavor. Not a problem, I just put a couple tablespoons of Aujus or beef broth on the buns and they are great!! Not at all soggy like other buns would be and so delicious.

  15. diana

    I’ve been low carb/keto for many years and bread is the one thing I have tried to perfect or find a good replacement for. These buns are These These buns are excellent in terms of texture and flavor! But I was shocked by how sweet they are, and how that sweetness was not a great complement to my burger. However, they are so thick and hearty that that I can actually slice each bun horizontally into four pieces and use the inner two pieces for sandwiches and the outer two for a bun–that reduces the amount of sweetness sufficiently for each burger, and also gives me more bread to work with! Four stars for texture, flavor, and breadiness, one star subtracted for being overly sweet.

  16. Renee Herro (verified owner)

    These are my favorite. High in protein, eat them breakfast every morning. Highly recommend!

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