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Great Low Carb Spaghetti 8oz

4.94 (16 reviews)



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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 4 in

16 reviews for Great Low Carb Spaghetti 8oz

  1. norman (verified owner)

    wow…. taste just like real pasta……i love it…….. only wished it was cheaper……..16.00 dollars for a lb of pasta….

  2. Debra H

    What a pleasant surprise! I ordered this from Amazon and honestly did not expect to like it. The spaghetti is great! Note that it is more filling, so you likely will not need or want as much of it.

  3. kelron (verified owner)

    Great taste and texture. The BEST hands down.

  4. Eric (verified owner)

    Off the chart taste! You can add chicken, pork, meatballs, hamburger for the perfect meal.

  5. Rebecca (verified owner)

    YES finally low carb pasta that tastes great and has the same texture as the real thing! Made Spaghetti with Italian Sausage and it was heaven!

  6. Sancha Matthews (verified owner)

    Taste great…definitely worth buying.

  7. Sancha Matthews (verified owner)

    Taste great…definitely worth buying.

  8. Deb (verified owner)

    This stuff is great; it really is, but I had to dock a star. The texture is inconsistent. Sometimes it cooks up great, and sometimes it breaks into tiny pieces the moment it hits the water, making for an unsatisfying bowl of pasta. Seems to be batch related. I buy several bags once a month and some months they’re all fine and some months they’re all shreds. Still great and I recommend this pasta, but expect it to go wrong sometimes.

  9. edeyanne (verified owner)

    A great low carb pasta. Cooks and taste like the real thing!

  10. Shawna Hubner (verified owner)

    Fantastic..tasted just like the real thing! Filling!

  11. Tanya (verified owner)

    Loved this! I’ve been craving pasta so badly. This was a great alternative!

  12. Danette Larson (verified owner)

    Excellent – I made chicken tetrazzini with it and it was delicious!

  13. Steva (verified owner)

    This pasta is the best! Even my carb eating family members love it!

  14. Diana

    I’ve probably tried every low carb pasta on the market, plus I’ve made many versions of my own, but this is hands-down the best LC pasta I’ve had yet–it’s very close to regular pasta! (I cook it longer than the label says to because I like it a little softer.) Highly recommend!

  15. Meaghan Mathews (verified owner)

    Best low carb pasta on the market, full stop. The added fiber gives the pasta a firmer texture but it actually performs better in dishes with robust sauces (Bolognese, carbonara, Alfredo…).
    Note: cooking times have actually run double what is printed on the package. Not a big deal, just something to be aware of while meal planning.

  16. Lisa (verified owner)

    I am so excited! I just got my package of goodies this morning and started with the spaghetti. I was ready to lower my expectations just to be able to have some pasta, but I didn’t have to at all. The taste is amazing (just like “real” pasta), but the texture was just a bit different. I love that the spaghetti was packaged in little “nests” so I just boiled a couple and had a wonderful meal. I did boil them for about 20 minutes to get them as soft as possible, without being mushy at all. I have already reordered some so I never run out. THANK YOU for this wonderful option for my keto food plan. (Tomorrow morning’s bagel is already thawing!)

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