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Great Low Carb Sampler Pack (Subscription Every Two Weeks)

4.0 (3 reviews)

$19.55 every 2 weeks

Great Low Carb Sampler Pack

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You asked and we delivered! We put together a “best of” sampler pack of our most popular products! Plain Bread Loaf (1 net carb per slice), Everything Bagels(6 bagels) (2 net carbs per Bagel), Fettuccine Pasta 8oz bag (7 net carbs per 2oz), 1 Chocolate chunk Paleo cookie (2 net carbs) and a chocolate brownie (3 net carbs) and we’ll include USPS priority (2-3 day shipping) for only $35.00 all in! If you order other things other than the sampler box, you will be charged for shipping.

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in

3 reviews for Great Low Carb Sampler Pack (Subscription Every Two Weeks)

  1. Josh Thompson

    Ordered the sampler box just to get a feel and taste for these products. Man, do I wish I would’ve ordered 3 more!! Everything was fantastic, from the bread which toasts up awesome, to the bagels which are great with grass-fed butter or whipped cream cheese, to the cookies that were soft and just sweet enough, to the pasta which made having Alfredo sauce a thing of the now and not of the past!! If you enjoy your breads and pastas but didn’t think you could afford low-carb versions, think again. These are well made and taste delicious. I will be ordering this again….and again…..and again!!

  2. J.

    Wow just wow!!!Fantastic everything Fantastic what else is there to say you wont be disappointed it taste so good i will be ordering again and again my zelf Wow!!! Thank you💖

  3. Christina (verified owner)

    The same thing every month, apparently. Could do without sweets and instead substitute pizza dough and more pasta. And please, switch up the bagels each month!

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