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Great Low Carb Plain Bread 16oz Loaf

3.81 (16 reviews)


Great Low Carb Plain Bread , 1 net carb per slice, great tasting,
toast or eat right out of the bag, add toppings and enjoy

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Plain Bread

Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 1 Slice(28g)
Servings per bag: 16
Net Weight: 12oz

Ingredients: Water, Wheat Protein Isolate, Wheat Fiber,
Wheat Gluten Flour, Modified Wheat Starch, Olive Oil, Inulin,
Salt, Yeast, Enzyme.

Amounts Per Serving
Calories 60 Calories from fat 25
%Daily Value
Total Fat 3g
Sat Fat Og
Trans Fat Og
Cholesterol O mg
Sodium 140 mg
Total Carbohydrate 8g
Dietary Fiber 7g
Sugars Og
Protein 7g
Vitamin A**
Vitamin C**
Calcium 4%
Iron 6%
Folic Acid 14%

*Percent Daily Recommended Values
are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Daily Values may be higher or lower
depending on one’s calorie needs.

818.505.9499 |
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Net Weight 120z.
**Contains less than 2%

Contains wheat
Allergen Warning: Produced on equipment that also processes
products containing milk, soy, peanuts and tree nuts

1 net carb and 60 calories per slice. This toasts well or eat it right out of the bag.

Storage instructions: Freeze on receipt and you can either put slices in zip lock baggies to thaw in the fridge or toast from the freezer or microwave for 10 seconds at a time covered with a damp paper towel(these dry out fast if you over cook them or toast them). If you’ll finish the loaf etc in a week or two they may be okay but we cannot guarantee that and recommend storing frozen. They’ll last 6+ months frozen.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 7 in

16 reviews for Great Low Carb Plain Bread 16oz Loaf

  1. ericandjulier

    Tastes great for a keto bread. It’s nice to have bread again.

  2. beccamartinez (verified owner)

    I’m in LOVE with this bread because it actually tastes like bread…not eggs like all the other keto “breads” do. I keep in my freezer and use when I’m really needing a sandwich! Will definitely purchase again!

  3. Debbie Buck

    I thought I’d ordered the thin sliced on this bread, mainly to stretch out how many slices I could have. I ordered the thin in the everything and really like that – I can satisfy my bread cravings without ruining my keto diet. This bread is good, but a little heavy on the fiber on mouthfeel. Toasted its even moreso. I still eat it but would highly recommend trying the thin slices of the same bread. I LOVE peanut butter toast and this is just too hearty of a bread for that, for me, but the thin would be perfect. Good taste and not eggy as others have stated.

  4. e.ebonyjones23

    The bread was a little tough but it was tasty. Not grainy it was bread like textured with real bread like crust.We will order again.

  5. Rebecca Brunt

    I had to spit it out! It tasted sour like vinegar. I’m so disappointed.

  6. Margaret Gaze

    Shared with neighbors and we all four love the plain bread. Both households will be ordering more! The bread is soft, moist, fresh smelling and delicious.

  7. junem04 (verified owner)

    Not a fan. Found this bread to be VERY dry. Adding a lot of mayonnaise or other sauce helped for lack of moisture. I was eager to find a low carb solution to make lunches easier to bring to work. Have ordered the Sourdough and Everything types of bread and I’m hoping for the best. Great Low Carb Bread Co. is on the right track. Hope they get there.

  8. tammy catenacci

    While the bread taste fine, it is sliced ridiculously thin. The picture shown describing the bread should be changed to how it really is sliced. There are probably three times the slices in the actual bad. I would rather have it thicker with 2 net carbs, or have the option to

  9. Tylor

    Tastes like bread! A little on the spongy side if there is anything juicy on it. Best low carb bread I’ve found.

  10. tmccauley2120

    I cut out bread/carbs earlier this year and was craving an alternative to bread to use for sandwiches, great low carb hit it of the park with this item. Tasted great and went perfect with breakfast/lunch/dinner.

  11. Shawna Hubner

    A good alternative to bread..pretty dry though.

  12. Susan Kozak (verified owner)

    Best low carb bread out there and I’ve tried many. Great plain or toasted. Tastes like real bread and 100% satisfies my bread craving while on low carb living. I’m trying several other products from this company

  13. Kathy

    I just received my sampler pack and toasted the bread this morning! I loved it!
    Definitely will order again.

  14. Meaghan Mathews (verified owner)

    Perfect for French Toast. The higher fiber content holds up to the eggy, custard coating that is the French Toast trademark. Also does really well in a Croque Monsieur (which is a fabulous sandwich that is perfect for low carb diets).

  15. Joy Dubay

    Great chew, a tinge of sourness. I like it with a spread. Will be buying more. Great for a sandwich. Very pleased & and didn’t find it heavy, eggy or dry at all.

  16. Lynn J Nast

    ordered sampler box. Haven’t tried the pasta yet. But the plain bread slices wat smaller than expected and dry and dense and not very tasty. The chocolate chip cookie was ok. if not so expensive for what you get would order again. The everything bagels though on small side I liked toasted. A bit bland but I have an everything spice so with that added that. The brownie took bite and threw all away. Not for me. Have found at COSTCO from Artisan Bakers, Sonoma County CA a multi seed bread. Regular size slices and soft like regular bread. 2 loaves for $7.99. can’t tell its low carb by texture or taste..

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